A post about Prague

I traveled recently! And I felt like I had to write about it since I'm so bad at doing it nowadays. Me and my friends decided to take a short weekend in Prague as the end of summer arrived in Sweden. I had anticipated going away for quite some time since I've been in Sweden since I came back from Japan in November.

We arrived on Thursday and started exploring. I was quite taken by how pretty and old the city looked. Most of the inner city is filled to the brim with older architecture. Not much seems to be new. 

We didn't do that much on our first day. We ate food, drank beer and some of us tried to drink some Absinthe. I abstained, as my previous experiences with the green fairy hasn't been all that positive.

The second day we decided on going up in Petrin Tower. What a magnificent sight! Seeing this expansive Old Town from up above, with the river crawling around it.

We had an appointment later on that day for a room escape game in the middle of Old Town, so we mostly strolled around and enjoyed the sights, while taking a drink along the way. 

We managed to solve the room escape game quite quickly, while getting stuck only twice. It was a really fun experience!

After that we headed to our next destination, which was this vegetarian restaurant a bit from the city center. The food was fantastic! I haven't eaten vegetarian food in a while that tasted that good. A really good experience. If you're in Prague I can only recommend checking Etnosvět.

We got some tips from the waiter that we should check out Prague Food Battle by the river during Saturday. So we started out by walking down to the Jewish Cemetery and continuing towards the river bench.

On our way down I spotted a building which I didn't think I would see. While I was in Tokyo last autumn I went to an exhibit of Frank Gehry's work over at 20_20 Design Sight. I was impressed by the production of these fantastic buildings, one of them being Dancing House. Suddenly I saw it in Prague, with my own eyes! It's a fantastic building which really shows that your imagination has no limits.

The food battle down by the river was really nice. 

We then headed out to another escape room, this time we had to split into two different teams. My team did really well, and we managed to get out with quite some time left!

For the evening we had booked tables as another restaurant that some of the people in our party already had visited in an earlier trip to Prague. Brasilierio is a Brazilian restaurant with quite an interesting concept. You get a small paper with a red and green side. If the green side is up, you'll find a waiter walking around with meats of various sorts which slices it up for your plate.

I was so full after this meal that I decided to go home and rest, to get up early the next morning. Which probably was a good choice.

The day after I decided to split from the group to check out the National Museum of Prague and their collection of modern art. The main reason I wanted to check it out was because of the exhibition of Alphonse Mucha's "The Slav Epic", but I got to see the rest of the exhibits for free as I was carrying my student ID. I was positively surprised by the variation of art that was exhibited. From the local favourites to Monét, from wall paintings to architecture. 

And I was not disappointed by checking out "The Slav Epic". It was breathtaking seeing these enormous paintings with immense detail. I had a hard time comprehending how much work was put into it, and I still have. Definitively one of the cooler things I had seen in a while.

The weekend passed by quite quickly. But as always, getting home and laying down in my own bed was an unbeatable feeling.